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For the perfect packaging result

Good control of the packaging cycle is essential for achieving optimal packaging results with the deepest possible final vacuum. To achieve this, every Henkelman machine is controlled by an operating system. Depending on the machine you choose, it will be fitted with one of the five Henkelman operating systems, each with its own functionality and capabilities. Some machines give you the option to switch operating systems. This gives you control and flexibility when it comes to the vacuuming result.

These are the Henkelman operating systems


The Henkelman H-touch operating system

This unique Henkelman operating system is equipped with a range of pre-set vacuuming programs that you can also optimise or adjust to suit your needs. The I-Vac software ensures that the correct functions are turned on or off in the machine, so that you will achieve the most professional and optimal results.

The H-touch operating system is standard and exclusively on the Aura.


This simple operating system is equipped with sensor control which stops the machine once it has achieved the pre-set vacuum result. 3 different programs can be set and stored. The next step in the process then starts automatically. This system also has the soft air and red meat functions.

The 3-program operating system is standard and exclusively available on the Aero machines.

Advanced Control System

This advanced operating system has 20 pre-set programs and sensor control with which you will achieve the perfect final vacuum result. The ACS is also fitted with extra functions such as preserving, tenderising and marinating, and has a red meat function and step vacuum. With these useful options, you can effortlessly optimise your packaging process.

The Advanced Control System is standard on the Titaan, and available as an option on the Boxer, Toucan, Marlin, Falcon, Atmoz and Polar.


The 10-program operating system allows you to pre-set 10 programs into its memory. This system is equipped with time control. After a pre-set time, the next step in the vacuuming process starts automatically. Sensor control or liquid control are optional extras with this operating system. Every machine with the 10-program operating system can be upgraded with the versatile Advanced Control System. The 10-program operating system is standard on the Boxer, Marlin, Falcon, Atmoz and Polar.


The 1-program Henkelman operating system enables you to set one program, which is time-controlled. This means that the vacuuming process automatically proceeds to the next step after a pre-set number of seconds. It is a simple, but professional packaging solution.

The 1-program operating system is standard on the Jumbo and Mini-Jumbo.

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