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Vacuum packing of

Whole fish or fillets, gently cooked, with or without bones. Henkelman offers various possibilities and options such as soft air, liquid control and marinating to make vacuum packaging even easier and more professional.

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Whole salmon steak


Cooked fish

Marinated products



How can vacuum packing help you?

Vacuum sealing ensures a longer shelf life and protects your products from dirt, moisture and dust. It also offers industry-specific benefits.

Professional catering kitchen
Meat industry
Fish industry
Fruit & Vegetable industry

About Henkelman

Healthy business operations and a healthy planet go together perfectly.

We help companies all over the world to work more efficiently with top quality vacuum packing machines. This immediately gives you a powerful tool for combatting food waste and protecting products from external factors while maintaining quality.

This is what a Henkelman can do for you

Minimum food waste

A Henkelman machine vacuums up to 99.8%. This prevents food spoilage, cross-contamination, dehydration, freezer burn and mould, and increases food safety.

Maximum financial result

By purchasing in bulk and using smart vacuum packaging, you can enjoy the economy of scale. Vacuum-packed products have a longer shelf life, so you will throw away less.

Extremely long lifespan

On average, a Henkelman machine lasts for years with minimal service and maintenance costs. We even supply (replacement) parts for up to 10 years after production has ceased.

Value retention

Henkelman machines are reliable and robust. This means that they retain their value, even after years of use. Ideal if you want to take the next step in vacuum packing.

All certification

Every Henkelman machine meets current local standards and quality requirements worldwide, including safety, health and environmental requirements.

Unparalleled service

Every machine comes with a 3-year warranty. Replacements for defective components will be sent to your dealer within 24 hours from our warehouse in the Netherlands and are available for up to 10 years after production has ceased.

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